When it is worth doing, then it is worth doing with clarity of purpose.

Let's start by trying to understand each other so that we can step out together.

This is how I like to take care of my clients. What do you prefer?


Understand the Vision

Our initial conversation is free. Listening to you and trying to understand how I can help you is not work. It is a pleasure from which I never grow weary.


How do you describe your goal. Where do you want to go and how do you imagine that you might get there.

Establish a Common Understanding

Give a simple understandable expression to the goal. I can better help you get there if I understand where you want to go.


Plan the Route

If you know what you want, then I am here to get it done for you on time and within budget. If you are not quite sure, then together we can develop a plan that gets you where you want to go.

Asses the Intellectual Property

You have some intellectual property and some of it may be registered or patented. Mapping those assets against the goal reveals what is helpful and what is surplus.

Conservation, Registration, Application, Assignment, Abandonment

Whether you want to build a portfolio, prune a portfolio, monetize a portfolio, or something entirely different, there are many ways to get there with different price tags and different levels of effort. Only some routes are right for you.

Distribution, Assertion

Intellectual property is fundamentally a right to exclude others. Who do you want to exclude and how is it to be done?


Get on the Road

You don't pay until we agree on what is to be done and the work is ready to begin.

Registration and Application

Register copyright in your creation, trademark in your brand. Apply for a patent in your idea. These are just some of the tools available to build assets for you.

Assign and License

There are many ways to monetize intellectual property and these are just some of what can be done.

Assert and Cancel

Assert and cancel

Let's help you!

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