When a solid state drive is used to store data like a hard drive then it may not last long.  Wear leveling distributes the usage across all the cells of the memory so that it will all wear out at about the same time.  Intel engineers came up with a statistical approach using a set of queues that reduces the total number of write operations.


When you tow a smaller vehicle behind a motorhome the extra weight can cause trouble when it comes time to stop.  The Brakebuddy transformed this kind of towing by pushing the brakes of the smaller vehicle when the motorhome tries to stop.  Unfortunately, if the brakes are pushed when the motorhome is not trying to stop it can mean the end of the smaller vehicle brakes, or sometimes the end of the smaller vehicle.  When RVi developed a unique way to save your brakes, we got this patent to cover it.


Autonomous vehicles need to be able to see and understand what is around them in all driving conditions.  Luminar technologies has a high resolution lidar that generates a huge amount of scene data.  In order to focus on what is important, Luminar engineers added a much cheaper visible light camera and object recognition to guide the lidar.

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